Games With Stick People Battle It Out on the iPhone

Stick figure matches –possibly the most significant if not intriguing use of an iPhone–come in as many shapes and dimensions as their characters that are slender 그래프게임 . There are so a number of these games it all may seem a little overwhelming. Which ones are really worth checking out?

Here is a rundown of five of their very best stick figure games on the market, and also why they’re certainly worthy of the time. Disclaimer stick figure individuals were hurt in the making of those matches.

Doodle Army

Your personality at Doodle Army is a highly-trained army soldier who’s proficient at utilizing complicated weapons against enemy troops, zombies, as well as aliens! Each degree is drawn in detail. An additional bonus of Doodle Army is it may be performed on the Open Feint system, so it is possible to sync your matches in addition to with social networking websites. This game is very likely to become one of the favorites.

Anger of Stick

Most stick figure games include an ordinary, hand-drawn pole figure that fights against life forms more sophisticated than itself. Anger on the flip side, of Stick, pits your character. Do not be fooled. By humanoids to bears that are mad and dragons, these enemies that are crude may hold their own.

Cartoon Wars Gunner

As all of us know, the one thing that adhere figures understand how to do is battle wars. Not one Cartoon Wars Gunner is a superb followup to its predecessor. Thorough critters attack your personality, who proceeds before attaining gunner status to update weapons. Cartoon Wars Gunner is worth the cost.


The assumption behind Scribattle is fundamental yet engaging. Reminiscent of Space Invaders would be to battle aliens that are intent on getting your planet over and fall out of the skies. Before they get to the floor, which is easier said than done, you have to take them!