Fantastic Technical Writing: Beware Your Editor/Love Your Own Editor

Your editor needs to be an essential component of your writing group. Don’t consider him/her for a judge, but instead as a source that will assist you. This guide can allow you to conquer any anxiety about your paper edits and how to apply your editor.

Beware of Your Editor

A few of the modifications that an editor may suggest could produce the User Document difficult for the Reader to comprehend.

Improving Your Writing

Once your editor has gotten beyond the Simple editing jobs of:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • editing into a Style Sheet,

He/she can work on”enhancing your writing”

Your editor might believe that if you refer back to some thing one method would be to make use of synonyms. So you may call a thing a”chip bin” into 1 part of your own text, along with your editor may suggest using another word, such as”waste trap,” later in the record. This ought to make your writing”more interesting.”

You don’t want writing ! You need clear, easy easy to comprehend writing. Should you make your writing more interesting with the synonym (“squander trap”) you then compel your reader to have to consider if these will be the exact same thing. I advise that you utilize the specific same wording every area on your User Document in which you’re speaking to exactly the identical thing. No synonyms here!

Then he’d be reading a book if possess his/her thoughts triggered or your Reader desired to be amused.

Do not allow your editor to make your writing smart or more interesting if these attempts makes for your own Reader.


Another area to take part of your editor would be”erudition.” In other words, as soon as an editor that attempts to create your User Documentation appear more formal. Other than legal, and security information, the User Document should seem friendly.

By way of instance, an editor may suggest altering contractions (like”do not”) in their formal type (“don’t”). Do not do it! Contractions are conversational and also they shouldn’t be prevented.

Most folks are under some Kind of anxiety if you Consider it:

They want to get on with the item, or

Something has gone wrong.

A record will place off the User. The record shouldn’t be absurd or flippantnonetheless, it must offer the information which the User wants at a conversational, easily understood style. The needed information ought to be simple to discover.

Even though most word processor grammar checkers are woefully insufficient, a number of these checkers may be made to supply a readability score (you might need to set an choice to allow this feature). Testing ought to help raise the readability (signaled by a drop in the reading grade level) of this record. When editing raises your reading grade level, ask your editor that score has shifted.