Comparing Freelance SEO Consultants and Agencies

What is the difference between freelancer search engine optimization consultants and bureaus?

The principal distinction is clear, freelancers function as independent advisers. They are usually self-evident as well as their customer base is frequently localised, but in concept Freelance SEO Consultant London can operate from anywhere with customers from anywhere.

Search engine optimization agencies provide similar consultancy services however they have a massive group. The dimensions of an search engine optimization agency will vary from anything from a few people to hundreds. Search engine optimization agencies frequently provide other online advertising services such as web design, pay-per-click advertisements or display advertising in addition to SEO.


Much like other service based businesses generally freelancer SEO’s are less costly than SEO agencies. Agencies have greater prices including offices and sales groups, fund departments and accounts managers. Most salespeople work independently in home offices making their own paychecks substantially lower.

Most bureaus that an freelance SEO’s cost their job hourly or on per day pace.


The true search engine optimization procedure which agencies and freelance consultants follow is generally quite similar. There is a rather well developed best practice procedure for optimising a site which usually looks something like:

  • Keyword research
  • Technical optimisation
  • On website optimization
  • Link building
  • Reporting

Terminology and the particulars of every portion of the procedure will differ from agency to agency and adviser to advisor but most will adhere to this formulation by and large. Some freelancers may concentrate on a specific portion of the search engine optimization process like link building but many are rounders who can finish all areas of the procedure.

The largest difference with a service is most likely the amount of account management participation that could be practical for bigger campaigns with large brands.


The standard of SEO work given by freelancers and agencies varies considerably so no actual comparison could be attracted and as a company considering working with a consultant or a consultancy it’s your obligation to seek assurances regarding the reliability, credibility and functionality of those that you hire to do your SEO.

Seek references from other clients about the experience of working together with the service or the freelancer and also assess their customers leads to Google search results.

Agency’s frequently sell themselves to the advantage of owning a multi-disciplinary team in their disposal composed of departmental experts like link contractors and copywriters. This can surely be a benefit but as frequently freelancers can provide a greater quality of results and service from having more private experience on your job.