3 Features You Need in Your Wholesale Soap Boxes

Brand Logo Placement

With your perfect printed and box designs, another feature soap boxes need is brand logo placement. Displayed on retail shelves for selling purposes, these boxed soaps will always play a vital role for shelf-based advertisement. Placing your logos right on boxes, your brand value can boost significantly.

Color choices and contrast of brand logos to be printed on boxes matters a great deal. As obvious and easy to see your logos are on boxes, better advertisement you will get from them. Fancy logo prints will also help pull attention towards your boxed products when placed on retail shelves.

Placing your brand logos correctly on bath bomb packaging , you will also make them easily identifiable. Be sure to get templates for your boxes in order to check how good the finished product looks. Better the brand logo prints you have, more chances of boosting sales with brand advertisement there will be.

4: Rigid Cardstock Materials

Packaging is only as good as the protection it provides for packaged products. This is the absolute basic rule of packaging and the number 1 necessity from it as well. You need just the right kinds of cardstock materials offering best protection for your soap bars or containers.

Cardstock materials are also much better ecofriendly choices than many other types. Sourcing your stocks from the right channels and suppliers, you can have reduced carbon footprint as well. Cardstock materials are available in many different types and finishes. Some of these include:

  • Ecofriendly Kraft stock materials
  • Rigid corrugated stocks
  • Perfect regular cardboard materials
  • Bux Board stocks for perfect protection
  • Surface finishes including matte, gloss and spot UV.

5: Affordable Wholesale Prices

Wholesale Soap Boxes also need to have cheap affordable price tags. Their costs will have to be included in the overall manufacturing costs for your soap products. Cheaper the wholesale prices for your packaging, wider profit margins you will have to work with.

Soap boxes might look great and offer maximum protection but will not be suitable unless they are affordable. Today, with so much innovation in the packaging industry, you have suppliers that go far and beyond in the features they offer.

You need to find the right packaging supplier for your needs. is one such online supplier available for all kinds of boxes. These guys offer great quality features at affordable prices making your packaging very suitable at all times.